How to Regrip a Golf Club

Golf club handles

Repeated swings with a golf club can wear down and smooth out even the most expensive grip. Regripping your clubs when they become worn can solve this problem before you fling your 5-iron 40 yards down the fairway. Golf shops can replace your grips, but this can also be done at home if you have the right materials.

Choose your desired grip. These come in varying sizes and styles to suit all levels of golfers. A store assistant or PGA professional can help in choosing the right grip for you and your game. Match the size of the grip to the size of the shaft.

Secure the club's shaft below the grip horizontally in the vise or clamp. The closer to the grip the vise is positioned, the more stable the grip will be as you work with it. Make sure the club face is secured in playing position, perpendicular to the floor.

Strip the old grip by slicing it in a straight line up the side with the utility knife. Remove all tape and excess material until only the club's shaft remains. For graphite shafts, use a utility knife with a hook blade. A regular flat blade can damage the surface and integrity of the graphite.

Wrap the shaft along its length with the double-sided tape. This process will be easiest using 2-inch tape. Measure a single length of tape equal to the grip itself, plus a quarter inch, and apply the centerline of the tape lengthwise along the shaft, leaving the extra quarter-inch of tape at the top. Flatten the tape so that it surrounds the shaft. Expose the sticky backing of the tape and press down on the excess portion at the top to cover the hole in the shaft, keeping the tape as flat as possible.

Prepare the grip itself by covering the vent hole at the top with your fingertip and pouring in enough grip solvent to coat the interior. Cover the large hole as well with the palm of your other hand and shake to distribute throughout. Any excess solvent should be poured out onto the taped-up portion of the shaft and spread evenly.

Squeeze just beneath the open end of the grip to create an oval shape and place it around the end of the shaft. Next, make sure the grip is parallel to the floor and use both hands to slide the grip onto the shaft in a smooth motion. Do this while the solvent is still wet and align the patterns with the club face. The grip pattern can be aligned after it is installed, but must be done before the solvent dries completely.


Allow the replaced grip to dry for several hours before playing.

When you install the shaft, push the butt of the grip as far as possible onto the shaft to ensure there is no extra space.

As you pour the grip solvent onto the shaft, place a pan beneath it to catch the excess and save the solvent for future use.

You can also align narrower tape in a spiral pattern, where you begin at the top and tape downward at a slight angle, with as little space left between each row of tape as possible. This type of taping requires narrower, 3/4-inch tape and takes longer than taping down the shaft with the wider option.