How to Get Rid of Knots in Your Shoulder Blade


When muscles knot between the shoulder blades, it makes you hurt. Using one side of your body more than the other usually causes these knots. When you get this pain between your shoulder blade and spine, you need to stretch the muscles out to feel some relief. Before you reach for the medication, or the heating pad, try a few simple exercises to get rid of knots in your shoulder blade area.

Stretch your arm over your head and then move your arm outward. Do this until the pressure is released. Repeat the stretches with the other side of your body. Stretch the hurting side 4 times as much as the side that does not hurt you.

Lay a tennis ball on the floor. If you are unable to lay down on the floor, you can put the tennis ball on your bed. The floor works better because it is a harder surface. The tennis ball sinks into the mattress of your bed and you won't have as much relief.

Lay on the floor, maneuvering the tennis ball so it is in the area where you are most tender.

Stay still for about 5 minutes; the pain will start to diminish. After 5 minutes has elapsed, move around until the tennis ball hits another sore area in your shoulder blade area. Repeat this step.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 to relieve the knots in your shoulder blades.