Sports Agent Benefits


Sports agents represents athletes in all of their contracts and business pursuits, which is often a very busy and interesting job, assuming they have talented clients they represent. There are many benefits to being a sports agent, ranging from access to many different types of sporting events, large amounts of money and an inside view of the business behind sports.


Sports agents often don't make much money when they start off as they are at a large company with a number of agents sharing clients and are usually at the bottom, making the smallest percentage of profits from their clients. However, as they move up in the company and have larger and larger athletes who become their clients, many sports agents can make upwards of $1 million a year, as they receive a percentage of the contracts their athlete clients sign as well as the endorsement deals their very famous athlete clients sign. This can be an incredibly lucrative profession.


By working with famous athletes as closely as most sports agents do, a certain amount of fame is also associated with this profession. Sports agents often have to answer questions about athlete's contracts and personal lives to sports networks or radio shows, making them the mouthpiece for these athletes and giving the agents a certain amount of fame themselves. This fame can be helpful to their own careers, as it gives them a higher profile and encourages other up-and-coming athletes to sign them as their agent.

Sporting Event Access

By working in the sporting industry, like most other industries, sports agents receive preferential treatment when trying to get access to tickets for sporting events, including the Super Bowl and various other major championship games. This allows agents to really observe and study sports, as well as enjoy themselves in the sporting world, as it is a place many people strive to be a part of as much as possible. This access can also be leveraged in business, by taking prospective clients or people they are looking to do deals with to these sporting events and get them seats that no one else can.