How to Troubleshoot a Slendertone


A Slendertone Gymbody Plus is a toning belt with a digital interface that helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles simply by wearing the belt and pushing a button. After using your Slendertone several times, you may experience some setbacks with your device, such as power loss and discomfort. Performing your own maintenance will have your Slendertone running effectively in a short time. You can replace old batteries and insert new ones, adjust the inner pads so they feel more comfortable against your skin, and wake the Slendertone up from “Pause” mode.

Insert new batteries into your Slendertone, if the power won’t come on and no lights are flashing. Remove the battery chamber cover by picking the locking latch open with the tip of your finger. Pull the battery chamber cover away and remove the old batteries. Examine the inside of your battery chamber for debris or grime. If the chamber is dirty (especially the metal receptors) clean it with a dry cleaning cloth. Place three AAA batteries into the chamber, being careful to mind the polarity indicators printed on the inside of the chamber. Replace the battery cover over the top of the chamber, and push it closed with an audible snap. Try turning your device on.

Wet the back of the belt pads, if they are causing an unpleasant sensation against your skin. The water will help the pads to not stick as much. Confirm that the belt is tight and the pads are tight against your skin. If they move around as you are exercising, this will cause friction and an uncomfortable rubbing of the skin. Undo your belt and examine the pads to see if they have slipped away from the metal receptors. Exposed metal receptors will cause discomfort if they rub against your skin. Remove the pads and reposition them so that the metal pieces aren’t touching your skin. If the pads are very worn down, contact a Slendertone retailer for new pads. Restrict the amount of times per week you wear the belt. The number of recommended times by Slendertone is five occurrences in a week with six hours in between.

Push the “On/Off” button (located on the far left side of the Slendertone interface) to power on the belt, if the power light illuminates repeatedly and you’re unable to attain a signal. The belt unit is on “Pause” mode. Pushing the “On/Off” button will un-pause the device.

Inspect the pin on the bottom of you belt that holds your Slendertone interface in place, if the center intensity light is illuminated and a different light is flashing. The interface may have come loose from the belt. Confirm that the pin is inserted securely into the bottom of the belt upon close inspection. Examine the pads for covers. If covers are present on the pads, remove the covers, as your Slendertone is unable to render a proper reading with the covers on the pads.