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How to Tryout for the NBA D-League

    Go to the NBA D-League website. Once you are at the NBA D-League homepage, look for the section on the front page entitled "D-League Headlines." In this section, the latest news regarding open tryouts is listed. NBA D-League teams hold periodic open tryouts to look for players for their team. The news regarding these tryouts tells you when and where the tryout is and how to register for the open tryouts.

    Register for the open tryout that you see listed. You can usually register for these NBA D-League tryouts via telephone or email. It's typically free to tryout, but some teams elect to charge a fee. When you are registering, ask whether there is a fee. A couple days before the tryout, call to verify that your registration is confirmed for the tryout.

    Book a flight and a hotel room close to where the tryouts are taking place. You are on your own when it comes to finding a hotel room and getting transportation to and from the facility in which the tryouts are held. To make it easy for yourself, book a hotel room within walking distance to the tryout facility. You can also opt to ask the NBA D-League team where they suggest you book your hotel room since they are familiar with the area.

    Arrive early on the first day of the tryouts. Not only can you talk to the team's personnel, you can get acclimated with the environment. Ask any questions you need to ask before the tryouts begin. Once the tryout is complete, it may take a few days for the team to get back to you about whether have made the team.

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