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How to use a Lifebuoy

Check the Life Buoy for any tears or holes. Ensure the Lines are attached to it.

Prepare yourself to throw the Lifebuoy by approaching to the nearest corner of the swimming pool deck Bend your knees maintaing your balance and hold the line with one hand.

Aim your throw so that the Life Buoy will fall just near the swimmer and is within the reach If the Life Buoy is away from the swimmer's reach, throw the Life Buoy again
Make sure that the Life Buoy does not hit the swimmer

Slowly pull the Life Buoy with the rope. Make sure to lean your body weight away from the swimmer to pull.

If the swimmer is wearing a Life Jacket, hold the collars of the Jacket and pull out the swimmer If the swimmer is not wearing the Life Jacket, Cross and hold the swimmer's palm; pull upwards and turn the swimmer simultaneously so that the swimmer rest on the Deck

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