How to Wash Tennis Balls

aodaodaod/iStock/Getty Images

Tennis balls that have gotten dirty from play or after being used as a dog toy can be quickly washed and dried by either hand or machine. If you’re washing balls that you intend to use for tennis later, keep in mind that the outside surface of the balls can lose some of their felt after getting wet and this can affect the aerodynamic properties of the ball. Novice and recreational tennis players likely won’t notice a difference, but advanced players will likely want to opt for brand new balls.

Washing Tennis Balls

Wash tennis balls by hand by filling up a bucket with warm water and dishwashing soap or laundry detergent. Drop the balls into the soapy mixture and rub the outside felt of the balls clean with either your hands or an old sponge. Use a hose or a sink to rinse the soap from the ball and then use a dry rag for drying. Tennis balls can also be washed in a washing machine. The balls can be then thrown into a dryer, and are commonly added to dryer loads to soften fabric, but they will also dry quickly with just the spin cycle or by being rubbed over with a dry rag.