How to Wear an Athletic Supporter at the Gym

    Step 1

    Choose an athletic supporter that fits comfortably around your waist. The waist band should be wider than that of your regular underwear.

    Step 2

    Put the jockstrap on as if it were a pair of briefs. Hold the jock to the front of your body so that the waistband stretches horizontally in front of you. Hold the pouch side to the front of you.

    Step 3

    Step into the jockstrap one leg at a time. Encase your genitals in the pouch.

    Step 4

    Adjust the leg straps to ensure comfort. The two elastic straps should lie flat against or underneath your buttocks; remove any twists or binding by straightening or untangling them.

    Step 5

    Put your gym shorts, spandex or exercise pants on over the jock strap.

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