How to Do a Handstand Flip Then a Real Flip for Kids

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A handstand flip, more commonly referred to as a front handspring, can be used to transition into other gymnastics tricks like the front somersault. Your feet leave the ground, and you complete one full flip rotation over your head. To learn this tumbling combination, break it down into simple steps. It will help to have training apparatuses, such as a crash mat and steady block, to help you progress along.

Front Handspring

Run forward to gain momentum. Swing your body back and forth with a few purposeful strides. Lift your right leg and left arm simultaneously. Repeat this same counter-force movement to build momentum.

Lift your lead leg forward at roughly a 90-degree angle. Tense the muscles of your back leg and slightly arch your foot.

Raise your arms straight over your head. Bend at the waist and place your hands down on the floor. Spring off the hands and kick your legs directly over your head. Keep your legs together and picture yourself kicking a soccer ball with both feet.

Arch your back and whip your upper body forward to a vertical position. Land both feet squarely back on the floor and bend your legs slightly. Keep your arms high over your head.

Front Flip

Bend at the knees to roughly a 45-degree angle. Keep your arms high, but bend them slightly at the elbows until your hands are near the sides of your head. Tense the muscles in your legs like loading a coiled spring.

Spring from your legs straight into the air as high as you can go. Straighten your elbows forward and extend them into the air. Once you reach the height of your jump, bend forward at the waist, crunching your abdominal muscles to create rotation. Tuck your legs up under your body and whip your arms forward.

Open your body out from the tuck position. Extend your legs forward and space them slightly apart. Visually spot the ground at this point and if necessary, adjust your rotation. Land on the balls of your feet and bend your legs.


Don't make the mistake of lifting your leg too high. This creates a counter intuitive bounce that will decrease your forward momentum. It helps to think of hurdling forward and not hurdling up. If you're having some fears about doing the front flip, practice this step around a foam pit. Most gymnastics facilities have them.


Never attempt these techniques without proper gymnastics instruction. You could be seriously injured. Work on your front handspring and front somersault alone before attempting to link these two moves together.