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The 6 Best Fitness Apps to Get You to Want to Work Out

There are technologies out there that are distracting us from working out. (Yes, I'm talking to you, Netflix and Facebook!) But, thankfully there are also many great apps that can help motivate you to get a great work out. Here are a few we think work well and can help to get you to WANT to work out:

1. Charity Miles - Does helping to make a difference in the world motivate you? It sure helps to get me going on the days when I don't feel like going out for a run. Whether you walk, jog run or bike, every mile of exercise you do can earn money for dozens of different charities including Stand Up to Cancer, Operation Smile, Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer's Association, The World Food Programme, World Wildlife Fund, ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity and many more. You choose the charity you wish to support and start moving! With the help of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles donates 10 cents for every mile you bike and 25 cents for every mile you walk or run. Get if for Apple iOS or Android.

2. Sworkit - Their name stands for Simply Work It. You can choose the type of workout you'd like to do (strength, cardio yoga or stretching) and the amount of time you want to spend. And then the app shows you a workout and begins taking you through the exercises. At the end, it provides you with an estimate of calories burned. Get it for Apple iOS or Android.

3. Strava Cycling and Running - I first recommended Strava on LIVESTRONG back in 2013 and I'm still a huge fan. Strava uses GPS to track your runs and bike rides, and it tells you your speed, altitude gains and whether you're improving. When you run or ride a segment (specific section of road or trail) you can compare your effort against past efforts, as well as other athletes who've run or ridden the same segment. See how you measure up, and improve your time to gain ground on the leaderboard. You can follow friends and their activities, and push each other with kudos and comments. Get it for Apple iOS or Android.

4. C25K- 5 K Runner Trainer - The name is short for Couch-to-5k, and the app delivers on its name and gets you off the couch into shape for your first 5K within two months. The eight-week training plan starts gradually with 30-40 minute workouts that alternate between walking and running. C25K will even fit into your busy schedule with just three half-hour runs per week with rest days in between. Get it for Apple iOs or Android.

5. Fitspot - Available for free download on iOS and coming soon to Android, Fitspot lets you book real-life in-person sessions with nearby certified fitness trainers who will come to your house - or another agreed upon location — and get started training you in as little as 30 minutes. You can choose a trainer for a workout specializing in CrossFit, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing/MMA or Tennis. Currently available in Los Angeles and coming soon to other cities, Fitspot says its goal is to make personal training more accessible and affordable. Fitspot sessions start at a flat rate of $59, charged directly from the app. Additionally, sessions can be split with other friends at $70 for two people and $90 for three people. Get it for Apple iOS.

6. LIFT Session - Train anywhere in the world, with a live trainer via online video on your iPad. The trainer creates a custom workout for you and then monitors you via live video while you exercise and provides encouragement as well as feedback on your form. At the end of your workout, you will get an estimate of calories you burned and how you performed. Get it for Apple iPad.

Readers - Have you tried any of these apps? What did you think? Would you want to workout with a personal trainer via an app? Have you tried a different app that you would like to recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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