Hip Internal Rotation Exercises

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Hip internal rotation exercises are designed to strengthen the groin, or adductor muscles of the inner thigh. These muscles bring the legs together while the outer hip muscles, called abductors, pull the legs apart. Muscular strength and flexibility imbalances can occur between the outer hip muscles and the groin muscles. Exercises can promote internal hip rotation to correct these imbalances.

Side Lunge

The side lunge exercise benefits the adductor muscles. To begin, stand tall with good posture and the feet touching each other. Lift the right leg and move it to the right. When the right foot strikes the floor, the legs should be significantly wider than shoulder-width apart. From this position, bend the right knee while keeping the left leg straight. Touch the right toe with the left hand and then return to the starting position. Perform about 10 repetitions with the right leg and then 10 repetitions with the left.

The step back cross lunge exercise benefits hip internal and external rotation. To begin, stand tall with feet touching. Step backward with the right leg. When the right foot strikes the floor, it should be to the left of the left foot and behind it. In this position, the legs are crossed. To complete the move from the cross-leg position, drop the right knee toward the floor and return to the starting position. Complete approximately eight repetitions with the right leg and then eight repetitions with the left leg.

Lying Hip Adduction

The American Council on Exercise recommends the lying hip adduction exercise to individuals wishing to train internal hip rotation. To begin, lie on the floor on your left side. Use your left hand as a pillow against the left side of your head. The right leg should be bent with the right foot flat on the floor, behind the left knee. Keep the left leg straight. To complete, lift the left leg toward the ceiling, as high as possible. Slowly lower the left leg back to the floor to complete one repetition. Perform about 10 to 15 repetitions with the left leg, and then roll on your right side and do 10 to 15 with the right leg.

Standing Knee Raise to Elbow

To begin, stand tall with the feet together and hands clasped behind the head. Lift the right knee and twist the upper body to the right. As the right knee rises, it eventually should touch (or at least come close to) the left elbow. Return to the starting position. Then lift the left leg while twisting the upper body to the left, touching the left knee to the right elbow. Complete 20 total repetitions, 10 per leg.

These exercises work the quadriceps and abdominal muscles, as well as the hips. Furthermore, as the Quick Care Organization states, these hip internal rotation exercises can benefit the knees as well as the hips.

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