My Treadmill Keeps Stopping

Woman running on treadmill

Although owning a treadmill has benefits, sometimes not-so-pleasant factors, such as suddenly being halted in your tracks, can catch you by surprise. While any part on the machine is liable to break down at some point, the belts, which are a critical moving part of a treadmill, might be to blame. They're in direct contact with you, and as a result could cause injury. If your treadmill keeps stopping, look under the belt.

Most Common Cause

The most common cause of a stopped treadmill belt is inadequate lubrication underneath the belt. In some cases, this may be the result of owner negligence -- some models require routine lubrication and upkeep to run properly. Others, on the other hand, are self-lubricating or are designed to run without any user lubrication. In these cases, the fault lies with the manufacturer.

Excessive Friction

If your belt repeatedly stops working because of excessive friction, you could be warping the synthetic materials that form the belt. This can cause loosening or other fitting problems that make it difficult to keep the belt functioning properly. In more severe instances, it can ruin the belt or cause it to snap, posing a serious risk to the user.

Know the Signs

You may notice the treadmill operating for a length of time before stopping, and the duration of operation before a breakdown may get progressively shorter. In some cases, you may be able to start the belt after a cool-down period. In other cases, though, you may experience treadmill breakdowns void of any noticeable pattern, and the LCD screen on your treadmill may not report an error.

Fixing the Problem

Applying lubrication underneath the treadmill can help, particularly if your model requires periodic lubrication. You also might need to buy a new treadmill belt because the old one has warped or broken. If the treadmill provides an error code, contact the manufacturer and consult a representative about possible problems with the machine. You might have an electrical problem that requires professional maintenance, and depending on your warranty, this may be available for free.


If you are unfamiliar with treadmill maintenance or feel uncomfortable attempting to work on your treadmill, call a treadmill maintenance expert to fix the problem. Inexperience and unfamiliarity with the inner workings of a treadmill could result in an improper repair, and could put you at risk of injury.