Pacemaster Treadmill Troubleshooting

Treadmills in gym hall.

PaceMaster, a manufacturer of exercise machines, features a line of electrical treadmills. Their consoles tracks your heart rate, distance, speed, incline and calories burned and offer a customized workout program that tracks and records your progress. Error codes that display on the console signify what issue your machine may be experiencing. PaceMaster includes a hex wrench to resolve problems involving the tread belt.

Insert the magnetic key into the control power if the treadmill is not operating. Plug it into a wall outlet. Check your household breaker if the treadmill still does not operate.

Write down the displayed error code and the serial number located on the treadmill's front by the power cord if you receive an error message. Contact your PaceMaster dealer if you are unable to resolve the issue; a dealer locator appears at

Stop pushing the belt if error code 117 appears on the control panel. This often results from a user pushing the belt faster than the selected speed.

Unplug the treadmill and reconnect the black wire harness on the power supply board if error code 133 or 134 appears.

Unplug the treadmill and check that the drive motor connection and ceramic fuse are securely attached and do not show signs of wear if you receive error code 425.

Insert the magnetic key, start the treadmill and press the "Up" or "Down" incline button if you receive an "Err" in the incline display. Do not stand on the belt. Check the elevation motor and power supply wiring connections for a secure connection and signs of wear. Also check to if the elevation fuse has blown; replace it if necessary.

Adjust the drive belt tension if the tread belt hesitates. Remove the motor cover and loosen the four motor mount screws by turning them two turns each with the provided hex wrench. Use the hex wrench to turn the drive-belt adjustment screw in the treadmill's front end a half-turn clockwise. Tighten the motor mount screws. Walk on the treadmill to test if slippage is improved.

Adjust the tread belt tension if the tread belt still hesitates after adjusting the drive belt. Turn the left and right tread belt screws located on the back of the treadmill a half-turn clockwise. Walk on the treadmill to test if the slippage is improved. Contact your PaceMaster dealer if you are unable to resolve the slippage issue.