Instructions for the Trojan Treadmill

Feet on treadmill

Trojan is a South African manufacturer of fitness equipment such as weight benches, boxing bags and a variety of cardio machines, including treadmills. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on individual models of Trojan treadmills. In general, however, many basic instructions are similar across different Trojan treadmill styles.

Routine Maintenance

Slide your fingers below the walking belt to feel the treadboard’s surface. If the surface is dry, apply half the bottle of lubricant that came with the treadmill onto the middle of treadboard. Walk slowly on the treadmill for three to five minutes to spread the lubricant evenly.

Lubricate the treadmill about once each month if it’s used regularly. If you don’t use the machine for two months, lubricate it before you use it again.

Adjust the walking belt’s alignment by first turning off and unplugging the treadmill. If the belt is too far to the left, place the machine’s Allen key into the hole in the end cap to the left of the treadmill’s back edge. Move the key clockwise about one-quarter of a turn, remove the key and check the alignment. Use the hole on the right side end cap and turn the key counterclockwise if the belt shifts in that direction.

Operating the Treadmill

Insert the safety key into the bottom of the control panel and attach the other end to your clothing before you begin. The machine won’t start if the key is not in place. If you fall when using the machine, the key should be pulled out of the panel and the treadmill will stop. With the key in its proper place, flip the power switch to turn the treadmill on.

Work the machine manually by pressing the start button and beginning with a speed of 1 (roughly 0.6 mph) and a zero incline. Press the “Fast” and “Slow” keys -- or one of the “Speed” buttons -- on the control panel to increase or decrease your speed. Use the “Up” and “Down” buttons -- or an “Incline” key -- to raise and lower the incline. You can also choose one of the quick speed or quick incline buttons to use preset speeds that vary, depending on your treadmill model. Some models also have keys on the handrails allowing you to raise and lower the speed and incline.

Squeeze the pulse sensors on the hand grip to have the treadmill display your heart rate.

Use a preset training program by either pressing the treadmill’s “Set” and “Mode” buttons while the machine is not in motion or just pressing the “Mode” button and then choosing your desired program. Then press the start button, or you may have to input some information -- such as the speed, incline and duration of the workout -- before you can begin.