HealthRider R65 Treadmill Problems

smiling men exercising on treadmill in gym

The HealthRider R65 treadmill is a discontinued model made by the company that also owns respected brands such as NordicTrack, Proform, Reebok, Weider and FreeMotion. The HealthRider R65 has 10 programs, iFit technology and a wide deck that are appealing to may users. HealthRider treadmills will run into problems eventually. Some of the R65's problems are fixable with troubleshooting. The only thing you can't fix is the choice of a low power motor.

Motor Problems

HealthRider installed a 2.0 HP motor in its R65 model. A 2.0 HP motor is sufficient in a smaller treadmill, but with the large 20-inch-by-60-inch walking belt and deck, this motor might not be able to keep up. The belt is two-ply on a cushioned deck that is comfortable to walk and run on. Powering this belt, though, might cause your motor to burn out long before the warranty expires. A 2.5 HP motor would have been better, such as HealthRider put on their more expensive models. Balancing a midrange price with the desire to appeal to serious exercisers needing the large belt was a judgment call that could cost you if your motor burns out.


The cushioned deck is a major selling feature, but over time the amount of cushioning may not be what you need. Also, the amount of firmness changes depending on your workout. This is a problem if multiple users share the treadmill or if you change up your workout routine. Running is best on a firmer deck, according to the R65's owner's manual. Change the amount of cushioning by turning the adjustment knob on the right side of the deck. Counterclockwise turns increase firmness and clockwise turns lessen it.

Power Problems

Occasionally a circuit may trip, resulting in a treadmill that turns off while you are on it or won't turn on at all. The HealthRider R65 has a vertical circuit switch on the frame. The top setting readies the circuit for use. The top protrudes when the circuit is tripped. You must stop exercising, check the plug and then reset the circuit to get the machine going again. HeathRider treadmills need to plugged into a surge suppressor. You cannot simply plug it directly into an outlet, and extension cords are not recommended. It is not compatible with GFCI-equipped outlets.

Walking Belt Slipping

The HealthRider R65 walking belt slips off center sometimes, especially if you do not walk or run with even pressure from both feet. You can fix this by unplugging the machine and turning the bolts on the ends of the deck using the Allen wrench provided with the treadmill. Turn the left bolt 1/2 turn counterclockwise if the belt is off-center to the left. Do the same with the right bolt if the belt slipped to the right.