XL Glider Instructions

Beautiful young lady using the elliptical trainer

The XL Glider is an aerobic exercise machine from QVC. The machine folds together for easy storage and is smaller than other styles of aerobic equipment. QVC claims that the XL Glider provides a total-body workout with minimal impact on your joints. The machine looks similar to a cross-country ski machine, except the pedals are suspended in the air. It is manually powered and mimics walking and running motions for a good cardio workout.

Place one foot on the foot platform and grab the corresponding foam hand grip. Hoist yourself up so that you can place your other foot on the empty platform and grasp the other hand grip.

Lean forward a bit and bend your knees slightly. Avoid locking your knees. Decide which side you want to start on to get yourself going. Start with the foot that feels most natural to begin gliding.

Push one foot forward as if you were walking or running on the ground. Simultaneously, pull the corresponding handle toward you. The handle will move toward you on its own as a result of the pedal movement, but pulling it helps work your upper body.

Press the opposite foot forward in one smooth movement as your other foot comes back toward you. Coordinate your movements so that your feet and arms are gliding with good rhythm. To make the workout more challenging, increase your gliding speed. If you want to focus on your lower body, remove your hands from the grips and pump them at your sides in the same running motion as you continue gliding with your legs.