The Best Futsal Shoes

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Futsal is a sport related to soccer though less widely heard of. Many of the world's greatest soccer players, including Pele and Zico, credited their amazing skills to growing up playing the game, which is sometimes called five-a-side. Futsal is played both indoors and outdoors on basketball-size courts with a ball that is smaller and less bouncy than a soccer ball. The intricate footwork and superior passing required are best accomplished with shoes that give you greater feel for the ball.

Enhancing Speed

Futsal is an intensely fast-paced game, requiring a lot of foot contact with the ball. The best futsal shoes allow you to rapidly change direction and maneuver the ball quickly in small spaces, so they are made of material that can improve control of the ball. Suede or microfiber suede uppers allow the shoe to maintain a better grip on the ball.

A Bearable Lightness

A lightweight shoe is ideal for futsal. Good futsal shoes will have a low profile upper and may have some padding in the footbed while remaining lightweight. A quality shoe should weigh somewhere around 8 ounces or less. A sleek design that doesn't add unnecessary weight is a feature to look for in a good shoe.

Grip and Control

A thin sole is ideal for a futsal player to be able to move as quickly as possible. Some futsal shoes have gum rubber soles. The soles should allow for good grip and control of the ball. Toward that same objective, some futsal shoes include a piece of rubber that wraps around the toe area. You may choose a shoe with off center laces to allow a larger area for striking the ball. The increased striking zone can help you accurately maneuver the ball.

Price and Availability

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of futsal shoes ranges from an economical $25 to as high as $120 as of the date of publication. All of the most widely recognized producers of soccer shoes also make futsal shoes. The shoe design you choose may depend on your position. Shoes designed specifically for defenders, goalkeepers, midfielders and strikers are available.