Typical Height & Weight of a Fastpitch Softball Player


While men also play fastpitch softball, it is a sport dominated by girls and women. Thinner girls may stereotypically run faster and more muscular girls may be able to hit the ball further, but there is no particular height and weight requirement to play softball at any level. For youth fast pitch, players must meet age requirements. High school players must be in good academic standing. College fastpitch players must meet a variety of eligibility requirements.

Birthday Rule

The Amateur Softball Association, ASA, has players of all age levels. Therefore, the ASA has strict guidelines for the ages of the players in each division for safety and fairness. The ASA uses a birthday rule to determine a cutoff. The ASA rulebook indicates that a player's age on December 31 determines the team on which a player will play the following season. You must have proof of age when registering for an ASA softball team. As a result of this rule, younger players may play in older divisions, but older players may not play in younger divisions.

Academic Standings

For players at the high school and college fastpitch levels, good academic standing is a must. The rules for high school fastpitch players and academic standing can vary by state, city and school district. As a general rule of thumb, high school athletes must maintain passing grades in all of their classes. This usually means players must maintain a C average but cannot have any grades of D or below on their report cards. Other schools require that student athletes maintain average or above-average grades in only their core classes -- math, science and English. College players must maintain a satisfactory 2.0 GPA and maintain the appropriate coursework which includes a full-time schedule. College fastpitch players may be required to attend athletic study halls, which require that students athletes study for a certain period of time during the week to stay on top of their grades while practicing and traveling for athletics.


When pursuing your dream of playing college fastpitch softball, your skill level is much more important than your height and weight. College recruiters are likely to watch you play at the high school level, watch your participation in college scouting camps and take a look at your high school statistics. In addition, the NCAA requires a 5- to 10-minute skills video. This video should include footage of your hitting skills and fielding skills in the position you normally play.


After you have made a team, been recruited or signed up to play in an amateur fastpitch league, dedication is one of the most important qualities to exhibit. Players must be willing to not only to attend regular season practices and conditioning sessions, they're also expected to attend off-season conditioning, camps and practices.

Physical Condition

Prior to participation in fastpitch softball, all players -- regardless of skill level -- are required to receive a physical examination from their primary care doctor or a team physician. A physician ultimately decides whether a player is physically capable of playing, regardless of her height or weight.