How to Change the Battery in a Sportline Pedometer

    Step 1

    Find the battery compartment of the pedometer. On most models, the battery compartment is either on the backside of the digital display on the top cover or is a slit opening along the sides or bottom on the front of the pedometer.

    Step 2

    Flick open the battery compartment cap or slit with your finger or any thin, flat-edged object. If the compartment has been sealed with screws, use a jeweler's screwdriver or any tiny screwdriver to remove the screws.

    Step 3

    Remove the battery by either flipping the pedometer onto your hand or flicking it out by pushing a small, flat edge just underneath the battery.

    Step 4

    Find a replacement battery that matches the one required by your model. Many designs use a CR2032 lithium battery, but the exact battery type is usually indicated near the battery compartment. Check the user's manual of your specific model for further verification.

    Step 5

    Place the new battery into the compartment. Make sure it is inserted with the proper polarity.

    Step 6

    Push the battery compartment cover back into its place. Use the tiny screwdriver to replace any screws that may have been removed earlier.

    Step 7

    Re-enter any of your personal settings, such as weight or stride, since replacing the battery resets any previously entered data to its default settings.

Things Needed

  • Replacement battery
  • Small screwdriver or jeweler's screwdriver

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