E-Z-GO Golf Cart Belt Installation

golf cart image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.com

Unlike most automobiles, which have comparatively complicated engines, the motor inside of the EZ-Go Golf Cart is relatively simple and allows for each part to be easily identified. This makes the relatively simple process of installing a new drive belt easy for people with just about any experience working on machinery. It's even easier to remove an old drive belt, if necessary.

Ensure that you have the proper belt for your model. Depending on the year your EZ-Go Golf Cart was manufactured, you will require one of four different kinds of drive belts.

Slide the drive belt onto the primary drive clutch, which is the bottom of the two drive clutches and, contrary to what the name may imply, the smaller of the two. Both the primary and secondary drive clutches are located at the front of the motor.

Pull the drive belt around the secondary drive clutch as best you can, then roll the secondary drive clutch to slide the belt into place.


It's wise to wear gloves to avoid cutting your fingers.