How to Make a Yamaha Golf Cart Faster


Used both on and off the golf course today, Yamaha golf carts are restricted to around 10 to 15 miles per hour for use on the course. Restricted through standard factory settings, you can override these settings with a few quick tweaks or fixes of your own. With the right know-how, you can make your Yamaha cart go as fast as 20 to 25 miles per hour and find yourself zooming around the course after your tee shots.

Remove any extra accessories or unnecessary pieces from your golf cart. These can include racks, windshields, roof accessories and baskets. These weigh the cart down and can restrict speed.

Power clean your cart with a hose and soapy water. Be sure to remove any dirt and grime from the outside of the cart and especially from the tires. This will allow the cart to move at its most efficient.

Check the gas pedal for a restricting bar. These are often placed under the pedal to stop you from compressing it totally and gaining maximum speed. These can be removed with a wrench or screwdriver.

Place larger tires on your cart. This will allow you to cover more ground with each revolution while still using the same engine power.

Add a higher-powered engine to the cart. This will likely take a mechanic or some automotive experience, but will allow you to travel as fast as the engine can move you.