How to Sleep With a Slimming Belt


Slimming belts are used to help people lose unwanted weight from the stomach area. They come in a variety of models to meet individual needs, sometimes including magnets and vibrating devices. It is believed by some that the vibrating action, along with the stomach being strapped in, can help lead to weight loss without diet change or exercise. If you enjoy using your belt so much that you want to wear it to sleep, there are some steps that you can take to make it a comfortable and healthy experience.

Put the slimming belt around your waist according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Lie down in a comfortable position to sleep. Laying on your back is ideal, as the slimming belt will not bother you as much in this position.

Turn the belt on. If the belt has the capability to turn on and off throughout the night, choose that setting. Otherwise turn the belt on and keep it on unless it becomes uncomfortable for you.