How to Start a Soccer Team

    Recruit a minimum of 11 players to fill the 11 starting positions for a soccer team, keeping in mind that you'll probably want at least one or two backups for each position group on the field. The total number of players allowed on your team will vary depending on your league, but you'll generally want at least 15 players, so that you have substitutes for when starters get tired, injured, sick or can't make it to a game.

    Find a solid, dedicated goalkeeper as well as a capable backup for that position. Good goalies are not always easy to come by, and you might have a hard time converting a player from another position into a serviceable goalkeeper.

    Determine whether you'll need a coach for the new team, and if so, seek out someone with coaching and/or playing experience, is well-organized and is a good leader. Try local soccer clubs and run advertisements online or in your local newspaper to find a qualified coach.

    Sign up for a league in which your new team will compete. You might need to do this several months before the start of the upcoming season, so plan ahead to make sure your team gets in.

    Secure the proper facilities on which your team can practice. If you can't gain access to a full-size soccer field with standard goals, you can get by practicing on a wide-open field, using cones for goal markers.

    Collect the necessary equipment to hold proper practices for your team. At a minimum, you'll need soccer balls and cones for conducting soccer drills. Individual players are generally responsible for soccer cleats and shin guards, but make sure your players all have access to this gear so you can begin.

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