What Stores Sell Skechers Shape Up Shoes?

Foot Locker

    If you are looking for Skechers Shape-ups in an athletic shoe style, Foot Locker and Lady Footlocker offer a very wide variety both in store and online at Footlocker.com, as of November 2010. Skechers Shape-ups Toners in white/silver/light blue are available for $79.99. These sneaker-style shoes feature a more traditional sole instead of a rocker bottom sole. They come in sizes six through 10, including half sizes, and are designed for walking and low-impact exercise.

    Foot Locker also sells Skechers Resistance Training Shape-ups in white/silver/navy and black/hot pink and are available for $99.99, as of November 2010. These sneaker-style Shape-ups feature the rocker bottom design. They come in sizes five through 11, including half sizes, and are designed for walking and low-impact exercise.

    Choices for men are a little slimmer. However, you can find Skecher Shape-ups XT for men in navy/silver and black at Foot Locker. They come in sizes 6.5 through 13, including half sizes, and are priced at $109.99.


    If you are looking for a wider selection for men, or a selection of Shape-ups in a more casual wear style, a Dillard's store or Dillards.com might be the place for you to go. In addition to the original style of Skechers Shape-ups, you can also find Skechers Shape-ups XW-Hyper Blast Sneaker, which is a more fashionable look for the office, designed in a "Mary Jane" style. This black shoe is offered in sizes 5.5 through 11, including half sizes, and sales for $79.99, as of November 2010.

    Skechers Tone-ups Thong Sandals are perfect for warm weather, or the beach, and sale for $44.99. You can choose from black, brown, or white/brown styles, with sizes ranging from five through 11. These are not offered in half sizes.

    For men, Dillard's offers a great selection of sneakers and casual shoes under the Shape-up brand. Skechers Shape Ups-Kinetix Walking Shoe come in regular and extended sizes for $89.99. Sizes range from 7.5 through 13, with half sizes included, and are available in a taupe/brown.


    If you aren't near a large retailer, or you just don't want to fight the crowds, you can go straight to the source for Skechers Shape-ups at Skechers.com. When looking for a pair of Shape-ups, you will find all the styles available in the Skechers.com online store. Plus, each Shape-ups shoe description offers a video you can watch on how the Shape-up shoe works.

    At Skechers.com you will find Shape-ups that may be difficult to get anywhere else. For instance, the Women's Shape-ups X Wear knee-length boot. No one will ever guess this chocolate brown or black leather boot is more than just a great fashion statement. Selling for $140, as of November 2010, this boot comes in sizes five through 11, including half sizes.

    In addition, the online store offers Shape-ups in sneakers, boots, sandals, mules, safety and work shoes and casual styles for both men and women. With a variety of colors and fashion trend designs, Shape-ups can be worn easily and discretely in almost any setting -- work, home or play.

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