How to tape up roller skates

    Step 1

    Rip a piece of duct tape from your roll and place it across the toe of your skate. Make sure to do this while wearing your skates, so you can make sure you're not taping your skates too tightly.

    Step 2

    Layer pieces of tape horizontally until the toe of your skate is covered. You can cover the bottom couple of laces near the toe of your skate if you want to protect your laces from ripping or shredding. Laces ripping or shredding is common in roller derby because of the fast stops and maneuvers involving the skate's toes and toe stops often required by the game.

    Step 3

    Layer pieces of tape vertically over your horizontal taping, reinforcing the tape and better protecting your skate toes.

    Step 4

    Place tape on the back heel of your skates; these tend to get worn fast as well.

    Step 5

    Place tape over the velcro strap near the top of your laces, if your skates come with a speed strap like most roller derby skates do. The velcro speed strap--the strap that goes over the uppermost laces and keeps the skate tight around your ankle--is vulnerable to wear and can even break off if not properly protected.

    Step 6

    Remove strips of tape when the strip begins to wear through, exposing the leather. To remove the tape, gently tug at one end of the tape and pull cautiously, so you do not leave duct tape fibers behind on your skate. Replace the tape with a fresh layer, covering the bare patches of skate.

Things Needed

  • Duct tape

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