How to Try Out for an MLS Team

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Passion for soccer has surged in the United States, increasing interest in Major League Soccer. The average MLS salary is on the rise and popularity has caught up to Major League Baseball among kids. If you didn't get drafted out of college, there's still a chance to sign with an MLS team through an open tryout.

Individual Team Tryouts

Some MLS teams run open tryouts and advertise these events on their websites in advance. Each tryout has a different format, but most guarantee at least one player from the tryout will be invited to compete for a spot on the team's roster. You must be male, not currently under contract with a professional soccer team and at least 18 years of age to participate. The tryout is usually held at an off-site practice facility. MLS tryouts cost money and some teams offer an early-bird registration discount. Tryout season begins in the winter, so start checking individual team websites in the fall. Register online, pay the fee, show up an hour early on tryout day and be prepared to compete for a spot with other soccer players.