Benefits for Handstand Pushups

Benefits for Handstand Pushups

If you have mastered regular pushups but want to continue working your muscles using bodyweight exercises, consider adding handstand pushups to your workout routine. Performed against a wall for balance or freestanding if you are more proficient, handstand pushups are more demanding than regular pushups and also offer several other additional benefits.

Beef Up Your Strength

Supporting your entire bodyweight on your hands means that your muscles will have to work much harder in the handstand pushup than the regular pushup. Challenging your muscles with a greater load will increase your strength, which is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to generate maximal force.

Improve Your Balance

Regular pushups involve four-points of balance: two hands and two feet. Supporting your weight on just your hands demands and develops better balance. Balance keeps your center of mass over your base of support and can enhance sports performance and the execution of daily tasks.

Strengthen Your Core

Keeping your body vertical when performing handstand pushups provides your core muscles with a good workout. Your core is the collective term used to describe your abdominal, waist and lower back muscles. Strengthening these muscles can help prevent back injury as they are responsible for supporting your spine and maintaining optimal lumbar alignment.