The Best Beach Cruiser Bicycles

PBFloyd/iStock/Getty Images

Not everyone wants to look like they're preparing for the Tour de France when they go out for a ride. For casual cycling, nothing exudes old-school style like a beach cruiser bicycle. A beach cruiser is the hot rod of bicycles, with balloon tires and a smooth, curved frame design. The best beach cruisers combine practical features like a comfortable seat and riding position with stylish additions like raised handlebars and full-coverage fenders.

Designed for the Ride

Beach cruisers are a very comfortable variety of bicycles. A traditional road bike has the rider hunched over the handlebars, but a beach cruiser keeps you leaning back in a normal sitting position, which is ideal for short trips around your local boardwalk. A beach cruiser usually has a wide, comfortable seat and tall handlebars that let you take in the sights while you cycle around. Top of the line cruiser bikes sometimes feature leather accents on the seat and handlebars for a supple, luxurious feel.

Comfort Is King

A beach cruiser bike is designed with comfort as a priority. Wide balloon tires provide great flotation over beach sand and absorb road vibration so you can cruise around without any discomfort. The frames on the best cruiser bikes are usually made from steel, which has excellent damping and absorption properties. These bikes are heavy, but the weight comes with the benefit of stability and reliability. A single-speed gear ratio is common, simplifying the bike's drivetrain for years of service without adjustment.