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Resistance Training for Boxers

Boxers must walk a fine line with their resistance training. On one hand, they can use the training to improve their strength, but they must also avoid bulking up and losing speed, which is an essential attribute in the ring. Although boxing trainers have varied views on what exercises should make up a fighter's resistance workout, body-weight exercises and plyometrics are central in this form of workout.

Use Plyometrics for Explosiveness

Boxing trainers often favor resistance exercises that strengthen multiple muscle groups together, rather than isolate a specific muscle. Body-weight exercises such as pushups, situps, squats and lunges can strengthen a boxer's workout without equipment. Plyometrics include box jumps, medicine ball chops, clap pushups and, in some gyms, the tire flip. A boxer's resistance workout, which should take place twice a week, must be brief and focus on low reps -- eight to 12 is sufficient -- that use the correct form. Although not resistance training per se, typical boxing exercises such as jumping rope, hitting the heavy bag and shadow boxing also provide strength.

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