The Best Beginner Trick BMX Bikes

Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images

BMX trick bikes refer to a type of bike that is used to perform in freestyle BMX. Freestyle BMX is composed of an array of disciplines which includes flatland and dirt jumping. Beginner tricks bikes are manufactured with frames that sit low to the ground to allow the fledgling rider to comfortably control the BMX. The lightweight bike frame enables the rider to learn the most basic BMX tricks with ease.

Eastern Bikes

The Eastern Bike Co. produces an assortment of bikes specifically constructed with beginner riders in mind. The beginner series of BMX trick bikes from Eastern Bikes have a bike frame that fits riders who have a height of just around 5 feet. The Lowdown 116 model from Eastern Bikes features a strong steel bike frame that can withstand the various types of beginner trick riding. The lightweight construction of the Lowdown 116 model weighs 24 lbs. The Lowdown 116 model also offers a simple rear tire brake system that can be activated by pushing backward on either pedal of the bike. The versatile build of the Lowdown 116 model allows the beginning trick rider to participate in all types of freestyle riding.

We The People

The Novice series of trick BMX from We The People was built with the beginner rider in mind. We The People produced the Seed 16-inch model trick bike to meet the needs of the novice trick rider. The Seed 16-inch model is an adaptable bike that has all the style and accessories of an expert or professional series of BMX bike. The Seed 16-inch model features handlebar grips that were specifically made to fit the smaller hands of the beginner trick rider. The handbrake, located just under the right handlebar grip, also features a small lever that can be easily controlled by a smaller rider. The Seed 16-inch model has a light alloy build that measures just more than 22 lbs.


Mongoose offers affordable yet durable bikes for the beginner trick rider. The 2010 Micron BMX model from Mongoose features a small to medium-sized bike frame to give the beginner trick rider ample room to grow. The Micron model has a junior sized bike seat to comfortably sit a young rider. The Micron model also takes safety into account by featuring a crossbar pad which is located on the top bar of the handlebar. The crossbar pad offers protection against the hard metallic handlebars. The Micron beginner BMX offers tires with a thick tread to allow the amateur trick rider to try his hand at dirt jumping and trail riding.