Comparison of Cruiser Bicycles

christingasner/iStock/Getty Images

A cruiser bicycle is designed to give you the most comfort on a casual ride. These bikes are defined by their tough steel frames, balloon tires, wide seats and upright geometry that makes a short ride around the park or along your local boardwalk a truly relaxing experience. When compared with road bikes or mountain bikes, a cruiser bike is almost always simpler and easier to operate.

Riding In Style

Cruiser bikes are designed with comfort as a top priority. The combination of wide, thick tires and a cushioned seat absorbs almost all of the impact and vibration from rough pavement or bike paths, giving you a smooth ride without the pain that can be associated with traditional road bikes. A cruiser bike also places you in an upright riding position, which prevents soreness in your back, shoulders and neck. Many cruiser bikes also feature fenders, which keep you cleaner when you end up stuck in an unexpected downpour.

Simply Elegant

A cruiser bike is almost always single speed, which is ideal for casual rides around your town or city. The simplicity of a single-speed drivetrain keeps repairs and maintenance to a minimum, letting you focus on enjoying yourself. The lack of a derailleur makes these bikes less able to conquer hills when compared with a mountain or road bike, but a cruiser bike excels on flat ground and for gentle coasting.