The Best Women's Hybrid Bikes

Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Hybrid bicycles offer you the best of the mountain and the road. Providing a more upright posture combined with suspension and a wider seat for longer rides, these bikes allow you to cruise in comfort on asphalt and trails. The best women's hybrid bikes are light and fast yet rugged enough to handle potholes, rocks and roots. You can choose a step-through frame for comfort or a faster performance bike with a traditional frame.

Ghost Cross 5100

Receiving 4 out of 5 stars on, the Ghost Cross 5100 is for women, built to handle the road as well as a dirt trail. Kate Hodgins states the bike is a "bargain priced, well-specced do-it-all ride." With 63 mm of travel in its Suntour NEX front fork, bumps and potholes are not a problem. It also offers Shimano shifters, a Shimano mech and eyelets for carrying luggage and its aluminum frame is light yet durable.

Specialized Crossroads Elite Low Entry

This offering by Specialized provides 63 mm of travel in its front suspension, helping you navigate the bumps of street and path with ease. Its A1 premium aluminum frame sits you upright and its step-through frame allows you to easily mount and dismount. 700 cc wheels with reinforced tires resist puncture while Shimano's triple crankset offers a range of gears for almost any terrain. Its Comfort Plus saddle and women's BG grips eliminate pain and numbness while logging long miles.

Diamondback Clarity 3

Diamondback's performance hybrid for 2011, the Clarity 3, is a light, sleek hybrid with high quality components. This bike has more of a road bike frame, and is made for speed. It provides a Shimano Deore crankset and derailleurs, Shimano Deore nine-speed shifters and a carbon aero straight blade fork.

Fuji Sunfire 2

Fuji bikes produces a variety of women's specific hybrid bikes for performance, commuting and the trail. The Sunfire 2 is their latest trail hybrid with a step through frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Its Suntour fork provides 50 mm of travel, which can be locked out for riding on smooth surfaces. Shimano derailleurs, shifters and crankset, Kenda tires and an aluminum frame make this bike a high quality, fast hybrid. It earned 4 out of 5 stars on