Schwinn Skyliner Comfort Bike Riding Instructions

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The Schwinn Skyliner Comfort Bike is a model produced by the company for sale at Walmart. The bicycle's features include a steel frame with a front suspension fork, a 21-speed Shimano drive train, SRAM MRX pro grip shifters, front and rear linear-pull brakes and 36-hole alloy rims. The design of the bike, combined with its shock-absorbing features, is intended to ensure a comfortable ride on or off the road.


Always wear a bicycle helmet, with the front of the helmet covering your forehead; use the straps under the helmet to ensure a snug fit. Consider wearing reflective clothing, and avoid wearing clothes with strings or cords that may get caught in the chain. Protective equipment, such as elbow and knee pads, are strongly recommended, particularly for first-time riders.


In order to ensure a comfortable ride, configure the bike to better suit your frame. When riding, your knee should remain slightly bent when the pedal is at the lowest position. The stem of the handlebar should be roughly level with the saddle, or seat, and you should be able to grip the handlebars without fully extending your arms. The seat post is equipped with a quick release lever, allowing you to shift the saddle up or down without the need for special tools.


The Schwinn Skyliner is equipped with twin shifters and brake levers. The shifter and lever on the left handlebar control the front brake and front derailleur, while the pair on the right handlebar controls rear brake and rear derailleur. When shifting gears, reduce the intensity of your pedaling temporarily; otherwise, you may cause the chain to slip. When braking, avoid pulling the left lever too hard, or the front wheel may lock, causing the bicycle to pitch forward; to ensure smooth braking, try using both levers at the same time, while leaning backwards slightly.


After you've finished your ride, store the bicycle indoors in a dry area, to help prevent rust from damaging any of the its components. If you notice any scratches or chips in the bicycle's finish, apply fresh paint or nail polish to keep the exposed metal safe from corrosion. Check the tires for sign of wear or small punctures. When it comes time to clean the bicycle, use water mixed with a mild detergent, such as dish soap, and be sure to dry the machine thoroughly afterward.