Do You Have to Exercise Every Day With the P90X?

Do You Have to Exercise Every Day With the P90X?

Using the concept of muscle confusion, the P90X program challenges your body with different moves every day. Consisting of 12 different exercise videos, the P90X program involves cardiovascular, muscle strengthening, jump training, body-weight and stretching workouts.

Although you do not have to exercise every day with the P90X program, it does require a pretty rigorous schedule.

Get Ready, Get Set

The design of the P90X program allows for completion of the entire program in 90 days, or 12 weeks. A specific workout is designated for each day of the week.

The program only requires you to work out six days per week. On the seventh day of the week, you're allowed to rest. However, the program creators recommend doing the X Stretch video on your "rest day" to help you stretch out your muscles and avoid injury. Although the stretching video is not absolutely necessary, it can help you recover from the previous week and prepare for the following week.

Confuse Yourself

By using the P90X program every day, you allow the “muscle confusion” theory to really take effect. By having your body confront new routines on a daily basis, your body never gets used to the exercises. As a result, your fat-burning and muscle-building results should be significantly increased.

Additionally, your body will eventually become accustomed to a daily workout. Once this happens, your P90X workout simply becomes a normal part of your daily life, making it easier to complete the 90-day program.

Pay Attention

Although a daily workout has several benefits, working out every day may be too strenuous for some people. Check with your health care provider before beginning an P90X program for the first time if you have been away from fitness programs for a while, or if you have any chronic health issues.

Your physician can dictate whether your body is physically able to handle the demands of the program. Once you begin the program, pay close attention to your body’s response. Although muscle soreness and mild fatigue are expected throughout the program, excessive soreness, fatigue or muscle pain should not occur. If necessary, stop the program for a few days until your body recovers.

Mix It Up

If you miss a day on the P90X program, simply pick up where you left off. Rather than skipping the workout altogether, shift your remaining workouts back one day. Or, you might choose to do two workouts in one day. For example, if you miss the Kenpo workout on day six, you might choose to do both Kenpo and X Stretch on day seven. In this case, you will not have to shift any of your workouts around.