About Windsor Bikes

Windsor America offers high line bikes in a number of styles. Available data on the manufacturer is limited since the company website offers no contact information other than an email address. The bikes sell internationally through retail outlets, such as Bike Direct.com. Many of the bike models have names associated with the United Kingdom, such as Kennet or Bristol. As of 2019, the average price for a Windsor bicycle ranges from $595 to $3,795, according to Windsor's website.

Bike Styles

Windsor bikes come in men's and women's styles with a variety of size options. As of 2019, Windsor offers four categories of bicycles. The Recreation, Club and Sport Cycles have six distinct models, Wellington 1.0, Leeds, Stratford, Essex, Oxford and Dover. Windsor provides nine racing models that include the Bristol and Trent. Under Specialty Cycles, Windsor lists five variations, such as Willow or Tourist. The largest category of Windsor bikes is the "Offroad." These include the Cliff and Ghost brands.


The frame shape and geometry varies per model, but Windsor features aluminum frames on most bikes, many of which are double butted. Butting is a way to reduce the weight of the frame. Butted tubes have a thin diameter, but are thicker at the ends to stabilize the joints. This creates a strong, yet light frame. Some Windsor cycles come with carbon frames, such as the Bradford and Trent. According to bike expert Sheldon Brown, carbon fiber frames use a resin similar to fiberglass.


As with most manufacturers, Windsor bikes may have various formats for gearing. On average, Windsor bikes have Shimano derailers and brake levers. A derailer moves the chain from gear to gear when you shift. Shimano is the leading manufacturer of accessories and parts for bicycles, according to Sheldon Brown. Higher line bikes, such as the Bradford, the most expensive model from Windsor, have Dure Ace derailers and brake systems.


The company website states it offers a warranty for all bikes sold in the U.S. The warranty period is five years from the purchase date. The company also offers a replacement part discount plan for frames. Owners can purchase new frames at a 75 percent discount if the original bike frame is damaged from an accident. The bike owner is responsible for shipping costs. Contact must be made by email for authorization and shipping information. International warranties are provided by the retailer.