Top Brand of Bicycles

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Cycling is a popular pastime in the United States and offers several brands from which to choose. However, only a few of these brands are selected by the most serious riders. Recreational and competitive cyclists alike need a bicycle they can depend on to try various types of terrain and to defeat other riders while racing.

Trek Bicycles

Trek has made bicycles since 1976 with the idea of making the best bicycles on the planet. The company makes several types of bicycles including road, mountain, bike path and mountain full-suspension. Trek is perhaps most well-known for its high quality road bikes. The Trek Madone is the top road bike made by the company. It has been the bicycle of the Tour de France champion nine times, more than any other bicycle. One of the highest-end bicycles in the Madone 6 series is the 6.9 SSL. This bicycle is only for elite riders and its suggested retail price is $8,710 as of February 2011.

Scott Bicycles

Scott has existed since 1951 and produced its first mountain bike in 1986. The company also made a major technological innovation to the cycling world by creating an aerodynamic handlebar in 1989. The major road bicycle product lines for Scott are the Addict and the CX. Also, the company makes several high-end mountain bicycles that include the Spark, Scale and Genius. The Scale 899 weighs only 899 grams. The company's website explains that this is the lightest bicycle in the world. This product line is used by Nino Schurter, a world champion mountain biker.

Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale is a company that makes bicycles and believes in introducing new technology to the world of bicycles. Cannondale has been in existence since 1971 and produced its first bicycle in 1983. Cannondale is the top manufacturer of high-end bicycles in the world. The company's mission statement discusses their desire to manufacture innovative and high quality bicycles for riders. One of the company's top bikes is the Supersix Hi-MOD team bicycle which costs $9,099 as of February 2011.


Make sure you select a bicycle that suits your riding needs. For example, road bikers should not buy a mountain bike. In addition, some models from these brands are very expensive and may make sense only if you complete. Choose a bicycle within your price range and one that can handle the amount of time you ride it. Consider going to a store rather than buying online to get a feel for the bike prior to purchase.