Physical Therapy Exercises for the Iliac Muscle Area

Young woman warming up with lunges for running

The iliac muscle and surrounding muscles in the hip area are prone to conditions such as muscle strain, piriformis syndrome, chronic degenerative changes and trochanteric bursitis. Because hip injuries such as these can be very disabling, it is important to know what physical therapy exercises can help ease symptoms and return you to full function.

Hip Flexor Exercise

Kneel with your left knee on the floor and your right knee bent in front of you. Thrust your hips forward. Make sure that you keep your back straight and do not allow your left knee to go over your toe. Hold the exercise for up to 30 seconds and then switch legs. If you find this exercise too painful, sit on the ground with both of your feet beneath your buttocks. Lean back slowly and hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds.

Hip Abduction

Stand up straight, keeping your hips, knees and feet pointing forward. Slowly lift your left leg out to the side, keeping your knee straight. Pause for a few seconds and then slowly lower your leg back into the starting position. Repeat nine more times. Switch to your right leg for 10 more repetitions. Try to do this exercise at least three times a day. Hold onto a chair back if you find it difficult to maintain balance.


Stand up straight. Step your left foot forward until your knee forms a 90-degree angle and your right ankle is parallel to the floor. Push your weight back into your right heel and return to the starting position. Make sure that you keep your back straight and never allow your knees to go over your toes or roll inward or outward. Repeat for as many repetitions as possible and then switch to the right leg.

Hip Extensions

Securely grasp the back of a chair and extend your right leg back behind you. Keep your back straight and hold the exercise for about three seconds. Return back to the starting position and repeat nine more times. Switch to the other side, extending your left leg backward. Repeat for a total of 10 repetitions. Try to do this exercise about four times per day.