Comparison of the Differences Between the NordicTrack C2150 & C2200 Treadmills

Ancika/iStock/Getty Images

NordicTrack is best known for its cross-country ski machines, but the company also makes commercial-quality treadmills for health clubs or at-home use. The C2150 and C2200 are commercial-grade treadmills. Both are stationary walking machines, but the equipment varies in many ways. As of October 2013, the C2150 is available for new purchase, but the C2200 is not.

Dynamic Display

Your first glance at the two treadmills shows you one difference: the display. The display on the C2150 resembles a computer tablet and is touch-screen operated. You can search the Internet while you work out for those issues that just can't wait. The C2200 has a display that shows your speed, incline, heart rate and calories burned. You touch the sensor handles to monitor your heart rate on the C2200. You wear a chest strap to monitor your heart rate on the C2150.

How Low Can You Go

Most treadmills can be adjusted to simulate walking or running up or down hill. The C2150 inclines and declines for many terrain variations. It inclines up to a 15 percent grade and declines to 3 percent. Use caution when using the C2150, as the weight limit is 400 pounds. The C2200 inclines up to a 12 percent grade and does not decline. The weight limit on it is 300 pounds.

Speed Trap

If you are a very fast runner, you will enjoy the 0 to 12 mile-per-hour range on the C2150 treadmill. The 3.80 continuous horsepower motor supplies the power for the speed of your workout. If you are a slow to moderate pace walker or runner, you might prefer the 0 to 10 mph range on the C2200 treadmill. A 2.25 horsepower motor supplies the power for your workout on the C2200.

Something Extra

The C2150 has a treadmill deck with adjustable cushioning. You can set the deck so the impact resembles the firm surface experienced during outside running, or you can set the deck to absorb impact and create a run that is more bouncy. The C2200 does not have an adjustable deck, but does have an attached fan for your comfort and a safety key to stop the treadmill belt if you fall. If something in your treadmill malfunctions, the C2150 has a five-year warranty on parts and a two-year warranty on labor. The C2200 has a one-year warranty on both parts and labor.