Ischial Tuberosity Exercises


The ischial tuberosities are two bones on the bottom of the pelvis. The hamstrings and adductors connect at the ischial tuberosites. The hamstrings are the rear thigh muscles and the adductors are the inner thigh muscles. Since the ischial tuberosities are bones, there are no specific exercises for them. However, you can exercise the hamstrings and adductors to improve hip strength and flexibility, which reduces strain on the ischial tuberosities.

Leg Curls

The hamstrings include the biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus muscles. All of these muscles originate at the ischial tuberositiy on the same side of the body. Biking and performing leg curls with the knees turned outward strengthens the hamstrings. You can use an outdoor bike or an exercise cycle. Alternatively, use a leg curl machine to target the hamstrings. To do this exercise, lie face down on the bench and hook the backs of your ankles under the leg roller with the legs straight. Rotate your legs so that your knees point outward. Then, bend the knees to lift the leg roller toward your buttocks.

Adductor Machine

The adductors originate on the ischial tuberosity as well, specifically the adductor magnus muscle. The adductors move your legs inward from a sideways direction. One thing that strengthens the adductors is using an adductor machine. To use the machine, sit down with your back against the back pad and your feet on the feet rests with your knees bent. Touch your inner thighs to the pads and then press your legs together as far as the machine allows. Some machines use a slightly different setup where the legs are straight, but the action of bringing your legs together is the same.

Hamstring Stretch

When the hamstrings or adductors are tight, they can pull on the ischial tuberosity and cause pain or injury. Stretching these muscles relieves tension and increases hip flexibility. To stretch the hamstrings, sit with your right leg straight and the left leg bent to the side with the outside of the leg resting on the floor. Place your hands beneath your right knee, but keep the leg straight. Slowly bend forward to bring your chest toward your right leg. Hold your position for 30 seconds once you feel a stretch. Repeat with the left leg. (See References 4).

Frog Adductor Stretch

Stretching the adductors may also relieve strain on the ischial tuberosity. If the adductors are not tight, stretching exercises still improve flexibility in the groin and inner thigh. The frog adductor stretch targets the inner thighs. Stand with your heels touching and feet turned out to perform this exercise. Bend your knees over your toes and keep your back straight, chest lifted. Lift your heel off the floor as your buttocks drops toward the floor. Place your hands on the floor with your arms straight and use your upper arms to gently push your hips outwards. Hold for 30 seconds.