How Do I Insert the Nike Plus Sensor Into My Shoe?

The Nike Plus Sensor is a sensor designed to sync with your iPod -- including the iPod touch, nano and the iPhone. With the Nike Plus Sensor, you are able to track the distance of your workout, the time, pace and the number of calories burned. You can also view the distances you have run and listen to your iPod music while running. To start your Nike running program, you need to insert the Nike Plus Senor into your shoe.

  1. Purchase the Nike Plus Sensor as well as Nike Plus-ready shoes. Sensors and shoes can be purchased online or in your local sporting good store. It is important to remember that you need Nike Plus-ready shoes to successfully insert the Nike Plus Sensor.

  2. Lift the insole of your left Nike shoe up. This reveals a pocket to place the Nike Plus Sensor in.

  3. Remove the foam from the pocket. Place the foam in a safe place for later use.

  4. Place the sensor in the pocket with the flat side facing upward.

  5. Place the insole back in your shoes. Lace up your shoes, turn your iPod on and begin your run.


    The battery in the sensor is not replaceable. Apple indicates that battery lasts for over 1,000 hours of active use. You can leave the sensor in your shoe when you are not working out. However, Apple recommends removing the sensor and replacing it with the foam insert if you are going to wear your shoes for a long time without running to help prolong the battery life.


    If you can't get the device to work immediately, return it to the store at which you purchased it and exchange the sensor. Do so before trying to use the device and making it look worn. Provided the device is in its original condition and you have the receipt, an exchange should be possible.

Things Needed

  • Nike Plus-ready shoes
  • Nike Plus Sensor

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