Top 10 BMX Bikes

Top 10 BMX Bikes

BMX bike riding has steadily gained acceptance since the late 1980s and stands as one of the most popular extreme sports in the U.S. BMX riding, or bicycle motocross, originally consisted of races held on dirt courses. BMX bike riding has broken away from the original style and has various genres, including freestyle and dirt jumping. BMX bike manufacturers produce bikes to fit the specifications of each type of riding.

We The People

We The People BMX company offers bike models for novice, experienced and expert BMX bike riders. The Novice Series from We The People offers riders the most basic of BMX bikes while still taking into account quality and style. The Novice Series requires little maintenance and offers hand brakes for new riders.

Fit Bike Company

The Fit Bike Company offers BMX bikes with various different heights and weights to fit the specifications of each type of riding. Fit Bike offers low-riding bikes with light weights for street riding, while also offering taller, heavier bikes for dirt jumping.

Stolen Bike Company

The Stolen Bike Company has BMX bikes used for trail and street riding. The Stolen Bike Company manufactures its bikes out of an alloy material known as "chromoly," which has a lightweight yet durable construction. Stolen Bikes also feature removable brake systems for riders who prefer no brakes.

Eastern Bikes

Eastern Bikes is a prominent BMX company in North Carolina. Eastern Bikes has equipment for the beginner, intermediate, expert and pro level BMX rider. Eastern Bikes offers brightly colored bike frames which allow them to stand out from many of the conventional BMX companies.

Haro Bikes

Haro Bikes remains one of the most diverse BMX bike companies as it also offers mountain bikes and beach cruisers. Haro BMX bikes feature a lightweight frame made from aluminum alloy.

Hoffman Bikes

Hoffman Bikes was started by world-renowned BMX pro Mike Hoffman and has its home base in Oklahoma. Hoffman Bikes offers a variety of BMXs, including street bikes, freestyle bikes and half-pipe bikes.

DK Bicycles

DK Bicycles remains one of the top 10 BMX companies due to the simple, yet efficient bikes it produces. DK offers bikes for trail riding and racing as well as park and freestyle riding. DK bike frames are constructed from a heat-treated alloy material.


Subrosa bikes are primarily used for street and freestyle riding. Unlike the thinner alloy frames of other BMX companies, Subrosa constructs its BMX bike frames with a thicker steel composition. Subrosa keeps its bikes simple with color schemes usually consisting of black, white and red.

Kink BMX

Kink BMX remains one of the cheaper options, but the company still produces long-lasting BMX bikes and parts. Kink BMX bikes feature two steel pegs that riders use to slide across rails and ledges.

2 Hip BMX

Professional freestyle BMX riders Rich Avella and Ron Wilkerson started 2 Hip BMX in 1983. More advanced riders are the target audience of 2 Hip BMX bikes as the majority of frames do not have mounts for a brake system.