BoxFit Exercises

BoxFit Exercises

One of the most difficult parts of getting in shape is picking the right fitness plan for you. BoxFit is a fitness plan that may be appropriate for several fitness goals, including improving aerobic conditioning, building muscle and losing fat. BoxFit can be effective due to its high-intensity exercise, but you should still consult a doctor prior to starting this or any other workout plan.

BoxFit Overview

BoxFit is a fitness program popular in the United Kingdom. The workout is a form of cardio kickboxing, meaning that it is a type of high-intensity cardiovascular training using combat moves. BoxFit is a hybrid workout that unites aspects of "boot camp" training classes, kickboxing heavy bag training and calisthenics. Unlike many other types of workouts, there is a rapid succession of movements, which makes BoxFit an efficient workout method.

BoxFit Benefits

BoxFit can be beneficial for weight loss, as each session of this cardio kickboxing training can burn about 1,000 calories, according to "Men's Fitness" magazine. Because losing weight is dependent upon your ability to burn more calories than you consume, workouts that burn large amounts of calories are desirable. The high-intensity aerobic work can also improve your cardiovascular capacity and endurance, which is important for sports and general health. Lastly, punching and kicking heavy bags and performing squats and other exercises can aid in muscle building.

Upper Body BoxFit Exercises

As with traditional boxing, BoxFit focuses largely on upper body moves. Punching and elbow strikes through the air and against heavy bags can help build strength, although not as much as traditional resistance training, as your muscles won't be burdened with a resistance through the entire movement. BoxFit workouts may also include push-ups and kettle bell and dumbbell exercises, such as biceps curls and overhead presses.

Lower Body BoxFit Exercises

BoxFit can also provide an intense lower body workout, as kicking, jumping rope, squats and lunges are commonly included in these workouts. Additionally, calisthenics such as jumping jacks and running in place may be used for warm-up. Using explosive movements over a long period can help to improve your lower body muscular endurance and strength.

Core BoxFit Exercises

BoxFit routines will also provide a workout for your core -- your abs, lower back and hip flexors. Your core facilitates the transfer of energy between your upper and lower body, so normal punching and kicking will help to train this area. Additionally, some gyms may offer special BoxFit classes concentrating specifically on your core. Such classes will make use of kettle bells and medicine balls, and exercises may include medicine ball slams and planks.