Shimano Alivio Vs. Acera


Shimano specializes in performance driven bicycle parts. According to Shimano, the company released one of the earliest freewheel designs in 1921. The freewheel helped to revolutionize cycling as it allows your pedals to remain stationary when your tires roll forward. Shimano's Alivio and Acera refer to component packages that help to increase the performance of your mountain bike.


The components of the Alivio and Acera packages enables your mountain bike to perform necessary functions. The Shimano V-brake system allows you to slow the momentum of your mountain bike to avoid any hazards in the riding trail. The cassette sprockets of the Alivio and Acera packages permits you to change gears while climbing steep terrain. According to Shimano, the Alivio and Acera Hyperdrive crank sets provide smooth gear shifting.


Both the Alivio and Acera packages offer different types of gear shifters. The patented Rapidfire gear shifters from Shimano have a thumb shifter design. The thumb shifter allows you to raise your lower your gear by pushing a button forward. The Alivio and Acera packages also offer the shift lever type. Shimano notes that the Alivio and Acera EZ-fire features a gear shifting lever. As opposed to pushing a button forward, pull back on the shifter lever to change gears.


The cassette sprockets from both the Alivio and Acera packages feature eight different gear options. Lower gears help to ease the pain of pedaling up steeply inclined hills. High gears are reserved for when your mountain bike reaches it maximum speed. Many of the components found within the Alivio and Acera packages feature an alloy construction. Shimano offers all of the Alivio and Acera components in a polished silver color or a blacked out finish.


Shimano clearly states that the components of the Alivio package function best with top of the line recreational mountain bikes. Recreational mountain biking takes place on beginner to intermediate trails. The components of the Acera package may be utilized in more extreme forms of the sport. The Acera package offers strong braking power for high speed downhill maneuvers. Customize your dirt jumping mountain bike with the sleek Acera package.


The lightweight components of the Alivio and Acera packages will help to decrease the overall weight of your mountain bike. Shimano Europe says the Acera component package helps to decrease the amount of power it takes to pedal the bike forward. Mountain bikes often emit loud grinding noises during the gear shifting process. The Alivio and Acera crank sets ensure your chain remains quiet as you engage the gear shifters.