How to Do Shuttle Runs

Shuttle Runs are a simple exercise that will help you develop agility, quickness and cardiovascular strength. You can do them anywhere, in a gym, on grass, turf or pavement, and for various lengths of time depending on your schedule. This is a versatile exercise, which emphasizes change of direction and acceleration, is a great addition to any short-term or long-range workout plan.

Set up three markers in a line. Determine the distance based on your fitness level, but about 15 yards is a good place to start.

Start at the middle marker in an athletic position.

Accelerate and sprint to one marker.

Plant and turn sprinting the opposite direction, past the middle marker to the far one.

Plant and turn and sprint back to the center marker. Completing steps 3-5 equals one repetition.

Repeat steps 3-5 several times, with a short rest between reps.


Concentrate on bursting out of your change of direction cuts and getting back to full speed as soon as possible.