How to Dress for Water Aerobics

Find Out How to Dress for Water Aerobics

  1. Wear proper swimming attire. That yellow polka dotted bikini might look stunning on you at the beach, but it's not very practical in a water aerobics class, especially if it's 'itsy-bitsy' as well. Settle on a comfortable one-piece bathing suit instead.

  2. Invest in a pair of water shoes (also known as pool shoes) to wear in the pool, around the pool area and the locker room. These shoes are made to be worn in water and protect your feet from rough surfaces and the spread of certain fungal diseases, such as athlete's foot. Some water aerobics classes may require that you wear them, in fact. They also come in a range of vibrant colors to complement your style and personality.

  3. Plan to bring at least one clean towel to the class with you, preferably two. Over-sized towels or beach towels make the best choice for their absorbency and ability to wrap around you when you get out of the pool.

  4. Toss a cover up or over dress into your duffel or gym bag to bring to water aerobics class. You'll be more comfortable wearing this during those out-of-pool times instead of standing around in a bathing suit, especially if you lean toward being a little shy or modest.

  5. Add some real pizazz to your water aerobics attire with some special gear and accessories. For instance, Aqua Gear offers a line of weighted belts to increase resistance as well as fancy eyewear. You can even find gizmos to enable you to listen to your MP3 player or other digital device underwater (see Resources below).

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