How to Hook Up Back Plates to Shoulder Pads


In collision sports like football it seems as if there can never be enough protection. With the back being exposed even while wearing pads, there has been a call for more back protection for competing athletes. Many players like wide receivers and running backs attach back plates to their shoulder pads to protect their lower backs when going up for the ball and leaving their backs exposed to hits from behind. Follow these steps to install it on your own.

Locate the two metal holes on the back of your shoulder pads. The holes should be on the bottom of the back shoulder pad plates.

Line up the back plate holes with the ones on the shoulder pads. Align the holes up or down until the back plate covers your lower back.

Insert screws through the aligned holes on both the back plate and the shoulder pads. Make sure the screws are locked in tightly.

Repeat the process of screwing in the bolts or screws if the fit is not right or if slipping occurs. If the back plate is not installed properly it can be more of a hindrance than a help.


Sometimes your own screws might work better for your back plate than the ones that are often included.