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How to Start an ABA Basketball Team

Contact the ABA office directly located in Indianapolis. The office will help determine what markets are available to start up a team. You should also ask for an application and there will be a franchise fee.. You do not need to present a formal business plan to the league because the operation of the franchise is left up to the team owner, not the league. Team owners merely pay for the privilege of using the ABA name and logo.

Choose a name for your team. Using an Internet search feature, type in a web domain name you will want. Select a hosting company or domain reseller to buy the domain. There are several companies that offer affordable hosting packages. Research these companies and choose which best serves your needs. You can do the same for companies that offer website templates for sale.

Look for a venue where your team can practice and play its games. This can be a community center gym or a local arena. Negotiate a lease or a per-use fee, plus discuss any other items related to using the facility. Ask for available dates during the months the league is in season. Each team is responsible for making their own schedule, the league does not provide this service. Contact the state to find out your insurance requirements.

Hire coaching and management staff. ABA rosters consist of 10-12 players. A head coach and two assistants coaches should provide enough leadership and teaching skills. When you hold tryouts, the president of the team and the director of player development should be on hand to gauge the talent. Recruit players from local colleges and place ads in your local newspaper announcing team tryouts.

Purchase the uniforms, balls and other equipment. Ensure that your players have the proper protection to avoid as many injuries as possible. Contact local sporting good stores.

Market your team. Search local businesses to sponsor your team. Offer free tickets to attract fans, many of whom might be skeptical about the product on the court. Be active in the community to help build a loyal fan base.

Hire a company to build your website. Work with them on the design, layout and information you want to present. You will want to place such as information as player profiles, statistics, schedules, team contact information, merchandise to purchase and ticket sales on the website. Create a section for news and other information to keep the fans updated.

Contact the local newspaper. Call the sports editor of the newspaper and set up an interview to discuss delivery of game results if the paper cannot cover your games live. Find out the newspaper's deadlines. Make sure you have an accurate e-mail to send game results and statistics. If possible, offer to take pictures in case the sports section has space to run art.

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Things Needed

  • Coaching staff
  • Office management
  • Players
  • Uniforms
  • Equipment
  • Cash reserves


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