Fat Burning Exercises for Teens

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You may find your teenager talking on the phone or sitting in front of the computer most of the time, but regular exercise should be part of your teen's life. Teenagers should get a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training; each form of exercise plays a role in the burning of fat.

Get Moving to Burn Fat

Aerobic exercise plays an integral role in burning calories to help teenagers and adults alike burn fat. This form of exercise provides a wealth of other benefits, including developing a stronger cardiovascular system. Examples of aerobic exercises that your teen can adopt include jogging, swimming, biking, jumping rope, dancing, skating and using exercise machines such as the rowing machine and elliptical trainer. Have them select physical activities they like to do, so they will stick to their fitness routine. Teenagers should ideally get an hour of aerobic exercise every day.

Strengthen Your Body

Although your teen might not have bodybuilding aspirations, at least three strength-training workouts per week are important for overall health. On the days she performs these exercises, they can count toward her daily 60-minute goal. Strength training contributes to fat loss, as this form of exercise boosts the metabolism. Strength training could include free-weight exercises done at home or in the gym and body-weight workouts, which are particularly ideal for home-based fitness routines. Examples of free-weight exercises include barbell curls and dumbbell bench presses, while squats, pushups and crunches are effective body-weight exercises.