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Definition of Body Alignment

Correct body alignment is the optimum alignment of the human skeletal structure in which the body is perfectly balanced. Poor posture takes us out of this alignment and is a source of health problems, particularly neck pain caused by curvature of the spine, or degenerative disc disease in the neck caused by poor alignment of the head that pulls the neck forward.

Drawing a Line Through It

The closer your body is to perfect alignment, the less likely you are to suffer exercise injuries or develop musculoskeletal problems. In perfect body alignment, the ankles, pelvis, thorax and head are aligned vertically so that from a side view they form a straight line. Smaller bones support the head and the spinal vertebrae supports the upper body. The pelvis is supported through the small bones in the feet. These smaller structures need the help of muscles and ligaments to work against gravity and keep the larger bone structures aligned.

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