Indoor Cycle Training Programs

Indoor cycling programs provide an aerobic workout focusing on the lower body muscles. Benefits include increased cardio capacity of your heart and lungs. As a non-weight bearing workout, there is little impact on your hips and knees. Indoor cycling is a high-intensity, calorie-burning activity. A 150-pound individual burns between 450 to 750 calories per hour based on the intensity of the workout. There are various indoor cycling programs offering a variety of workouts for all fitness levels.


Most indoor cycling programs are done in groups but provide a personalized workout at a self-directed pace. Workouts are available at commercial health clubs or in a private, home setting. The stationary bicycle used in these programs is adaptable to individuals of all sizes and shapes. Most training programs feature workouts in a seated or standing position.

Schwinn Cycling Program

The Schwinn cycling program features a non-intimidating workout in group or private setting. The focus of the program is the variety of workouts that are appealing to a broad audience. Examples of workouts include target heart rate, senior cycling, junior cycling and mind-body cycling. The workouts consist of four zones ranging from easy to winded. Participants are urged to progress through all four zones for a safe and effective workout.

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycling Program

The focus of the Keiser M3 indoor cycling program is the training and the equipment. A step-by-step guide features variety and diversity, transferring outdoor cycling programs to an indoor environment. The indoor cycles offer variable resistance, a great variety of resistance utilizing a magnetic field. This places less wear and tear on the equipment, making it less likely to break down. Resistance is based on speed-- the faster you cycle, the harder the resistance gets. Different types of training include athletic training, intervals and workouts using visualization techniques.

CycleOps Power Training Program

The CycleOps power training system is based on biometric feedback and computer software to provide information on workout effectiveness. The CycleOps Club Pro 300 PT cycle uses technology to record and analyze personal data, which supplies information regarding workout intensity and energy used for effective training. Developed by Allen Lim, an exercise physiologist, the program is used by elite athletes and cycling enthusiasts for high-level training.

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